Logging in to PolicyTech

PolicyTech runs in your Internet browser, so, to log into PolicyTech, you must have its web address.

When PolicyTech was installed, at least one of your organization's users was designated as an administrator. The administrator has responsibilities and permissions to set up PolicyTech users and preferences and will know the web address for accessing PolicyTech.

Note: Your information technology (IT) professional or system administrator may have set up a different way to access PolicyTech, such as a link from within your organization's web portal. In any case, the PolicyTech administrator should be able to help you get to the PolicyTech login window.

  1. Contact your PolicyTech administrator to get the following:
  1. Open your Internet browser, and then do one of the following:
  1. In the login window, type your user name and password, and then click Log in.


  • If a PolicyTech language module has been installed, you will also have the option of selecting a language for the user interface text.
  • If you see the NAVEX Global logo instead of the PolicyTech logo, that means that your organization has two or more NAVEX Global products and that the Single Sign-on feature is in use. After signing in, you will need to access PolicyTech from the Gateway. See your administrator if you have questions.

You should now see the default PolicyTech window your administrator has selected for your site (location), which may or may not look like the one below.

Things to Do in PolicyTech

Once you've successfully logged in, go to one of the following sections, depending on what you want to do next:

Changing Personal Preferences (for all users)

Searching for a Document or Questionnaire or Browsing for a Document or Questionnaire (for all users)

Reading a Required Document (for all users)

Completing a Questionnaire (for all users)

Creating Draft Documents and Questionnaires (for document owners, proxy authors, and writers)

Working with Documents or Questionnaires in Review and Approval (for document owners, proxy authors, and writers)

Reviewing and Approving a Document or Questionnaire (for reviewers and approvers)